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Christmastime is Here: Short Composition

The time is coming for all. It is very near. Tonight I cried my last tear as i realized that the time was so close. Children are boucing in their seats talking about what gifts they will possibly get. Moms are doing their last minute shopping. Dads are preparing for the vacation they’ve been waiting for and getting those gifts too. College students are taking their final exams and preparing for the next semester. Some students are even preparing to go home to their loved ones. Everyone is ready for this time. This is the time we all call Christmastime.

Oh Christmastime! Oh Christmastime! The most wonderful time of the year. The time where it’s supposed to snow and all the children’s hearts are aglow with the joy of the season. Christmas is in my heart and I am feeling it. I see the candles in the window and the Christmas trees. I hear the caroling on the street and even on the radio and I feel the joy. I hear all the Merry Christmases said to others and myself and feel the warmth of love. I see the gifts under the tree and feel the happy feeling of giving one to someone i love. I enjoy the warm hot cocoa and all those special christmas cards sent.
Yeah, that’s Christmastime in my heart. The season of hope and giving. The season of joy and happiness. Yeah, That’s Christmastime!

Welcome Christmastime!

-Jonathan Fisher


Trending This week on my youtube playlist..December 16th

Here’s my picks of the week. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Enjoy!

-Jonathan Fisher

9 days till Christmas and I’m depressed and crying over it!

Well guys and gals, we have 9 days till Christmas and are you ready and prepared for it? Are you ready for all those Christmas parties to take place or those special Christmas programs to take place? Have you done your Christmas gift shopping and gift wrapping? Have you sent those special Christmas cards out and perhaps made the plans to go home for the Holidays? Are you ready?

For me, I’m not. In fact, it’s kind of depressing me this year and bringing me down. Why? Well, it’s because I’m not going to be home for Christmas this year and I miss my family. It makes me feel alone. I miss my family so much and Christmas only reminds me more of my fam. I regret my mistakes and stupid things I did when I was living with them. I wish I could go back and change them.

I don’t think it was all about the fact that I was gay and out to them (although I felt like they wouldn’t accept me for that). I don’t think it was all about my parent’s fault. No, it was all the hurt and pain I caused and I pay for it. It was all about those multiple times I ran away from home and lied to people about the situation. I broke their trust multiple times and lied to them multiple times. I was the one who didn’t respect them their wishes and was a jerk to them. I was the one who lied and rejected their love when they were just trying to see the best in me.
I was the one who shut them out for hurting me once and never did forgive them. I was the stupid teenager who thought I knew everything and wouldn’t take no for answer from them. I rejected them and used them. I simply was a nasty jerk to them and a bastard. I should’ve been killed. I should’ve been condemned.

O how I would go back in time and fix the things I had done! But life must be played as it is. I must suffer the consequences. Just like Adam and Eve had to pay for their sins, so must I pay for my mistakes and wrongdoings? I must pay and live with the consequences. I have been banished and must pay. Sometimes it just seems cruel.
But there is a hope in my heart. One small hope. Just as Christ came, died, and rose again to save us all from suffering eternally from our sins, Will I be forgiven and given a second chance? Will something happen to convince the family to let me back in or will I do something right? Or will I have to pay and suffer eternally? Is there hope beyond the storm? Will there ever be a day that I will be let back in? I have hope and I hold on to it. But slowly it’s fading out and I’m crying and begging Jesus to save me.

I hope everyone has a nice Christmas this year and I hope that whoever is going home to be with their family realizes just how much of a gift family is! Never be ungrateful for family love! Thank God for family and remember to always thank your family for being there. God Bless y’all! And have a nice Holiday!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thankyou for visiting and updates

First off, let me say thankyou to all who are visiting this site. I am grateful that you guys visited my blog and please comment. Your comments are greatly appreciated. I am thankful you guys took the flyers and showed interest. Thankyou again.

So, Today was crazy. Got up late around 930, cleaned my room, made some important phone calls, and then went out to town and passed out flyers to advertise my blog. I think I passed out roughly 85. So, that could be 85 more people reading my blog. Yay! It could also end up to be more if the people pass the word on to their friends. That could be more and that would make this blog popular. I want people to read this blog and comment so bad.

So, I also went to target and bought earrings. I have my own ear piercing studio for myself and I am trying different sizes on. I am enjoying it. I wish I could get paid to pierce people’s ears. Course, I know that’s never gonna happen. Or could it? Hmm….God only knows! Yep, then I got home and goofed around on my tablet.

Then house meeting. I was so upset after house meeting. We still can’t use the tv and are restricted to doing certain things in the house. I hate it. I hate living with these boys…they’re all assholes (like my best friend said yesterday when I was texting her. I love her). Wish I could live somewhere else, but I’m stuck here. It sucks!
So, we also had a christmas party after house meeting. We called it the “Tacky Sweater Party”. In it, we all each had to wear a very ugly or tacky sweater. I think mine was probably the most ugliest. I did not like the sweater I was wearing. It felt uncomfortable and shabby and itchy, but it was warm.
We ate dinner, talked, played card games( like rummy), and exchanged small gifts. It was fun and the meal was delicious. The program Director, Kim, was very nice to buy us all those small gifts! I was thankful. I got a journal (and a very nice one too) and a huge writing pen. It was awesome! I also got some perfume and some sweet smelling cucumber lotion. Mmm….It was so good. I liked the party and it was fun.

Guess what!? I held a baby for the first time today! Yep, yu heard right! A staff member here had a newborn baby weeks ago and it was a girl. She named it Avery (which is a cute name) and bought her to the party tonight. I asked to hold it and she let me! I was so about to cry! The baby was so sweet and cute and her eyes were so magnificient! I felt like life stopped for me just holding a small fragile thing like that. OMG, I was so scared, but at the same time overjoyed! The baby was so cute and her face was so radiant like the sun and amazin! I wanna be a daddy one day! I love children!

So anyways, the party’s over and I’m blogging it out. Which is good. I miss my fam so bad. Christmas makes me think of them so much. I wanna cry. I wish I could see them, but as mentioned before, I’ve been banished and I must pay for my mistakes and sins. God help me, if I ever live with this my whole life. Nah, maybe they will come around soon. Soon. I hope.

Anyways, I want a partner so bad these days. Preferably a male partner. I want someone I can talk to and feel like they’re there. I want to sleep in bed next to him everynight and know he isn’t gonna leave me. I want to know he’s gonna love me no matter what. I think everyone wants this. Anyways, I probably need to stop there. Thanks for reading.


Bullies and Girls and My Fam…

Hey y’all. Bad day today. Kinda good too. I got my dream job as a cashier and I also am possibly getting another job that’s gonna pay me $12 an hour. So, that’s good. I am very happy! Yeah, and I also took a good nap today.

Anyway, the bad stuff now. One, I am getting really tired of People bullying me and especially the house residents. For instance, I recently applied to a job to Wendy’s and An old house resident, Jessica works there. Well, just the other day we had a fight and she’s hated me since then. Well, today i was all happy and all and she just looked at me and told me that she convinced wendys not to hire me by convincing them that I was a horrible person. She said they ripped my app up and went on her judgment.

I so wanted to slap that girl! I got up into her face and yelled at her and threatened to hurt her. She told me to go ahead and that my ass would be in jail in the next instant. I walked away and cried in my bedroom. I don’t understand why people have to bully me and why they have to hold grudges against me. I forgive easy and I give second chances. Why can’t others do that?

I don’t get Jessica. She seemed like a nice girl then, but now she seems like a complete, well, let’s just say it aint pretty. I don’t wanna be cyberbullying. I wanna just let go of what we got into, but she won’t. Typical females!! I think she’s overreacting and just needs to let go. I mean, I apologized and if she thinks i haven’t, then I am right now. I don’t want this to continue. Enough is Enough!

Yeah, I was also texting my best friend today and she was asking me about my family. Yeah, that upset me a little. I miss my fam. I wanna be with them and I long to feel loved again by them. I want to know they’re there for me. I want to hug my mom and dad. But it’s too bad they banished me. It’s too bad I was a jerk to them and must pay the price for it. I don’t know why I keep effing my life up. It’s horrible. I love my fam and would do anything to get them back. I want them back. Thinking of it makes me a little suicidal, but I will be fine.

It’s official: I am in another relatonship. But this time it aint a guy. It’s a girl! Yes, you read it right. It’s a girl! Her name is Lexi. I like her so much, i chose to take a chance. Change my ways a little. Make a change. See if I like it. Besides, this girl is too pretty, i do anything for her. Love you, Lexi!!!

Anyway, I have to go. Write ya later!

That crazy b****!

Hey readers
First off let me tell you I am disappointed with y’all! Not a single comment yet! What’s up with that? Are you guys just not reading this and ignoring my pleas for y’all to comment. Please comment. This blog needs your comments and thoughts. By the way, all negative and inappropriate things have been removed. For your consideration.

So anywhos, I did something y’all will probably find crazy. I left the group home I was staying in and stayed on the street for one night before coming back. Yeah, i left and well, it was crazy as most people think. And some people would just call it a spoof. Some just say I was plain stupid. I called it an adventure.

Why did I leave? Well, I have my reasons. One, I was tired of just living in a stressful place and having no place to go. Second, I really wanted to just feel different and was feeling s****. Thirdly, I couldn’t just stand one more day of feeling couped up and needed to get out. Fourthly, I wanted to text my friends and staff took my tablet. I was tired of staff and having no tablet while all the other residents were running around with cellphones I had nothing, so i left.

I spent the whole night chilling at dunkin donuts texting friends and using my tablet. It was crazy!! I stayed up all night and went straight to work. I resigned that day due to the fact I didn’t know where the hell I was going at that point. My boss understood and gladly accepted the resignation. So, that felt like a huge accomplishment. I finally quit the job I hated so much.

After that, i went back to the group home, talked to the program manager, and then moved back in. Somehow, I convinced the Program manager to let me back in. I really think it wasn’t convincing. I think it was more like she knew my situation and understood and gave me mercy. She was just being a mother and I thank her for looking out for me. I love yu. And thanks for giving me another chance.

So anyways, i’m back in the group home and I’m here to stay. Till then….oh who knows? I received an email from my dad saying that he was mailing my stereo out. So, I will be staying here for awhile. I am fine with that. Almost. I don’t wanna live here forever! Course, I can’t, but I’m just saying. It’s not that I hate it here….it’s just that I don’t like it. The place could use some improvements and some adjustments (Such as letting 18- 21 year olds only). But we all know nothing is gonna change and things will remain the same. So, i guess i gotta make the best of it. Yeah.

Anyways, so today i went to church and am gonna go to a christmas party. It’s gonna be fun! So anyways, I gotta go. I will write more later. BTW, I was calling me the crazy b****. Haha

-Jonathan Fisher

Trending videos this week of December 9th

Hey Guys and gals! This is my trending playlist on youtube. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out my youtube channel: joejoshandjonathan.  These are the select few. I am a fan of Jade Novah!!

There’s more….in the next blog.

-Jonathan Fisher