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Club night gone wrong!!

Tonight I went to the club. Rumors Nightclub was having their “Kickass karaoke night” with free cover. I went to have fun and to be honest, I was also kind of hoping to find a hot young guy there to sleep with. I performed 4 songs:
1. Oops, I Did It Again- Britney Spears
2. Unfaithful- Rihanna
3. Paparazzi-Lady Gaga
and lastly 4. Barbie Girl-AQUA (A special duet was done with the Karaoke Jockey, Jasinya).
My best performance was probably the Barbie girl song. I performed very well on the others, but I think I was also a little flat too because I was tone-deaf in my left ear. I woke up this morning half deaf and I was like really pissed off about this. I am still tone-deaf in my left ear even as I type this. I don’t know what I did, but hopefully tomorrow it will all be better.

Anyway, I was having fun at the club before I received a text from my ex, Mark. He said he was there at the club and that he was heading over to my table. I quickly exited the club and walked home. unfortunately, my ex was outside when I left and he caught me leaving. I quickly just walked right by him pretending like I didn’t know him. He was like “You’re not even going to say hello?” I just said hi and told him I was having a hard week and needed to go home. The real truth was I really didn’t want to see him right then because I didn’t want to be reminded of the screwup I had made with the both us. It hurts me when I am reminded of it. When I walked away from him, I cried my guts out walking home. I messed up. I screwed it up and I don’t know if I can live with myself for doing it.

There was also another guy in the club that wanted to take me home too. His name was Roger. He was a chubby 40 year-old man who was attractive and great at singing. He wanted to take me home that night. I hung out with him at his table for the whole time I was at the club and talked to him. He brought me a root beer and seemed very nice. I almost did go home with him that night, but I kind of couldn’t get my goal to be abstinent for a week off my mind. I kept thinking of it and I kept thinking about a bunch of what ifs. What if I got an STD from him? What if this guy wasn’t who he says he is? So, my ex made it a lot easier for me to say no and walk away.

The walk home was probably the most depressing walk ever. I usually have to walk 2 miles to get home, so it usually takes me about thirty minutes to forty-five minutes to get there. I cried the whole way home and felt so angry and upset at myself. I can’t believe I screwed up with Mark. I was so selfish and so slutty. I don’t know if I can ever get into another relationship again. I just don’t know if I can. Maybe later in my life when things are right and I’m more stable and I know what I want. Maybe older guys are just not for me, ya know. Maybe I should go for younger. I just don’t know. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and with the gonorrhea phase i went through I am so scared now to pull my pants down. I just don’t know.

Anyway, I came home and just thought I would type this up to ease the pain off my mind. I must remain strong and positive! I must not let others get in my way. It’s like I know this, but it’s bothers me anyway. Ugh. Well, I’m going to watch a few episodes of “Queer As Folk” and then get some rest. Maybe getting some rest will clear my head. I don’t know.  Thanks  for reading and for your concerns. God Bless. Love Jonathan

Jonathan S Fisher =)


10 Things You might not know about me.

Hey Readers! Here are 10 things you might not know about me. Enjoy!
1. I want to be a drag queen star one day.
2. My alternate Feminine name and performer name is Jonalisa Stephanie Fisher
3. I only date and sleep with white guys. People say I am racist because I do not like any other race, but I don’t give a crap.
4. I once had cyber sex with a girl. I was kinda bicurious then.
5. I’m obsessed with Cross dressing and it’s like it’s part of me.
6. When a man penetrates me and cums inside of me, he becomes part of me and I can’t get him off my mind.
7. I may be quiet right now, but I am a major gay rights activist!!
8. I sing and dance and perform out in town sometimes.
9. I can make friends very easily.
10. I do not have a permit yet. Nor a license.

There you have it. Wanna know more? Comment if you do! God Bless. Love Jonathan.

-Jonathan S Fisher-

that white dude

Friday and Saturday. Two Busy Days.

Well, hello there! Here again for some more of my life? I figured, Well, let’s see. Where to start Let’s talk about Friday.  Boy! Friday was a very painful, interesting, and sick day! I was waken up at 930am with a phone call from the man who was selling the laptop to me. He asked me if he could have my old laptop I was trying to give away. I said no at first, but then he kinda made me have no choice because he told me he wouldn’t sell the laptop unless I gave him my laptop. So, I agreed to give it to him and then that put me in a bad spot because I had to get up and erase anything on my laptop I’d put on it and pack it all up into one bundle along with its accessories. So, that’s what I did. I cleared everything and it took me an hour and a half. I was so happy to be finished when I was all done!

So I did that and by the time I was finished with clearing and packing up the laptop, it was time for me to start walking to my doctor’s appointment. This was going to be the appointment to treat me for my gonorrhea and it was quite a distance away to the office.  I walked probably about 2.5 miles before I arrived at the office. I got lost and I also was carrying the laptop bundle the whole way. I was tired and hot when I arrived at the doctor’s office. I was also thirsty from heat exhaustion because I wore my winter jacket the whole way and it was like 70 degrees out. So, I checked in and then sat in the lobby for about an hour before I was seen by the doctor. The doctor then talked to me about safe sex and discussed with me the treatment procedures. It seemed legit to me and I wasn’t scared. I was just happy that I would be cured after 7 days. The doctor then went out of the office to go get the supplies she needed to treat me.

I sat in the office patiently waiting. I was feeling so sick and tired. The heat exhaustion was getting to me. I puked a couple of times while waiting. I almost left the office, but I simply calmed myself down and reminded myself I could get some water when I was done with the treatment. That was a bad idea. I puked for the third time and I was feeling so sick that I was getting a stomach ache.  The doctor came back into the office with a couple of pills, a needle, a tube filled with a yellowish liquid, and gloves. She then went on to explain to me I was gonna get a shot in my butt and that I needed to pull my pants down so she could get it into my left butt cheek. I slowly, but awkwardly pulled my pants down halfway and bent over the exam table. She then proceeded to prepare the shot, explained to me that it was going to be painful for at least 24 hours and then stuck the needle in my butt cheek. Damn! It hurt like a motherf***er!!!! I almost screamed, but I calmed myself down.

After the shot, we then proceeded to talk about the second part of the treatment. I was supposed to take a couple of antibiotic pills. This didn’t seem half as bad as the shot because my leg was practically paralyzed when I was sitting in the chair talking to her, She then made me sign a release form that stated I would agree to call or go to the emergency room if I had any allergic reactions and then suggested that I eat something and drink before taking the antibiotic pills. I then was given two graham crackers and water. I gulped them down in no time and then took the pills. After that, I had to sit in the waiting room for 15 minutes for safety reasons. I sat there and those 15 minutes seemed like the longest 15 minutes of my life. My butt and leg felt so numb!

So then I proceeded to leave and waited 30 minutes for my sugar daddy to pick me up. I puked 4 more times and felt so sick! I don’t know what was wrong with me. My sugar daddy arrived and we both arrived at Micky D’s to meet the laptop seller to make the sale. The man was like in his 50’s maybe and wasn’t too bad. The laptop was legit. He took a look at my old one and decided it was useless to him. So, we paid the full $100 and then my sugar daddy took me home. I was still feeling real sick and was still puking every 30 minutes. So, before I went back into the house my sugar daddy lectured me and called me a whore. He also said that before I smelled and tasted real bad. I got hurt by this. I was kind of offended. So I just went inside the house and relaxed a few moments thinking about my life and who I’ve truly been. I realized that I was acting like a whore and sleeping with whoever I wanted. Plus, I wasn’t being safe using condoms, so therefore I contracted gonorrhea. I decided from that moment on that I was going to change and no longer be whore. I am now going to seek a relationship and date. This will be hard, but I do not want to get gonorrhea again. So, here I go.

Anyway, after that I went to the library and spent a couple of hours on my new laptop. I personalized my settings and downloaded a few things. Then I went online and did my social media networking. Very good day in the social media networking day. Indeed! There were no fights and a lot of good news, comments, and updates. It was a good day for me. Then after that, I decided to go to the park and enjoy the weather. I went to the Rosa Parks Ice Rink Circle and enjoyed my time surfing the internet and singing. After that, I decided to go home and cook dinner. I was so hungry!! I ate a chicken nugget meal and then decided to watch 5 movies which included:
1. Julie & Julia
2. The Change-up
3. Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure
4. Fireproof
and 5. Sleeping Beauty.

By the time I finished all five movies I was totally beat and it was 330am. So, I went to bed. Friday was so a crazy day, but I think I had a nice day. Today I woke up at noon and ate some breakfast (Strawberry milk with Cheerios and Strawberry breakfast bar). It is unusual for me to eat breakfast, but I was hungry this morning and I felt like doing breakfast. It was healthy after all. So, anyway I then proceeded to go to the library and what else than surf the internet and do my social media networking. It was a great day today again. No negative comments made and pretty good. I also looked for jobs around and applied to some open positions at Target. I want a job so bad in retail because I love retail. I think maybe I will make a good manager in retail stores, but first I gotta go to college for it. So, I’m gonna try to attend Job Corps first for a certificate in hotel management/hospitality so maybe they can help me get into college. It won’t hurt me. And it’s free and can be very helpful. So, yeah I’m trying.

After hanging out at the park for a few hours, I went home and watched “Avatar” with my best friend Karleem Johnson and ate some dinner (hot pockets with Ravioli). Avatar isn’t a bad movie. I don’t particularly care to watch it everyday and it isn’t my favorite, but it is a legit movie though. So anyway, After watching the movie, I got down to typing this entry up. I think I’m about done here. Yay! It’s like 2am in the morning and I really wanna go to church tomorrow. So, I think I caught you guys up and everything. If I confused you, I do apologize. I’m gonna head to bed now. Goodnight and God Bless. Thankyou for reading this y’all! Love Jonathan.

Jonathan S Fisher

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Updates and your questions answered on what really happened before


Hey Readers. I know I kinda put you guys in a rough spot trying to fill in the gaps on what really happened in my life before Thursday. I know you guys have questions. Like, How did I get gonorrhea or why did I move to Michigan. You guys might be wondering if I’m making this up, but I really am not. I am telling the legit truth, though. So, here’s a list of questions you might have and the answers to them. Any other questions? Ask them in the comment box please. Thanks y’all!

Q: Why did you move to Michigan?
A: I moved to Mears, Michigan to live with my boyfriend, Dave Richardson. We met online and I felt like I was falling in love with him. So, I decided to move to Mears, Michigan to live with him.

Q: But wait a second, how did you get the money to get to Michigan since you were homeless? Did he come pick you up or how did you get there?
A: Oh yeah. I didn’t tell you guys about that. I took the bus. Well, It’s actually a complicated story. I had a rapist in Pennsylvania that paid me $75 to not call the cops on him. His name was Jonny and he was an 18-year-old indian man. He butt raped me and fingered me without consent. I did tell him I was gonna call the cops on him, but he paid me $75 to shut up and keep it silent. So, the bus ticket actually cost $150.

Q; So, how did pay for the remaining fee?
A; *Laughs* State College had a community help center and I asked them to help me move to Michigan. They needed confirmation at first from my boyfriend, but they got it and paid for the ticket. I was clearly on my way! And very excited.

Q; But was it very hard to let go of your friends and family in Pennsylvania?
A; Yes, it was. I knew I just needed to let go anyway and that I couldn’t hold on to my family forever, because they didn’t want me. It was a stressor I needed to let go. I know they will come around one day, but I need to let go. As for my friends, I really didn’t have a lot of them. The friends I did have, they still talk to me through Facebook or through other means of communication.

Q; Were you scared moving to another state
A; Yes, I was. I was terrified! I knew I was taking a major risk in my life and that I could end up homeless in Michigan, but I decided to give it a go and see where Michigan was gonna take me.

Q; Was your boyfriend, Richard Davidson, Satisfactory? Do you guys think you were in love in the beginning?
A; For a while, yes he was satisfactory. He was everything I wanted. I think I was in love with him, But I’m not so sure he was in love with me. I dreamed about a life forever with him and I dreamed of marrying him. I think he did at first, but then he became upset I wouldn’t suck his dick. So, yeah. He also got upset that I wasn’t looking for a job too.

Q; Why did you not look for a job? Why wouldn’t you suck his dick?
A; *Chuckling* Do you know how far the nearest retail store or was located!? It was like ten miles down the road. His dick was uncut, Maybe if his dick was cut, I would’ve sucked it more often. I did suck it a couple of times. I didn’t like it, obviously.

Q; Why didn’t you like it?
A; No comment.

Q: So, what happened? How did you two break up?
A; He told me he couldn’t take care of  me because he was poor and then said he was gonna drop me off at the homeless shelter in Grand Rapids and that he would come back for me a month later. I was upset about it, but I trusted he would come back for me in a month.

Q; How did he tell you he wasn’t interested and that he actually was breaking up with you?
A; He told me the next day that he didn’t like me and that we were through on Skype. I was heartbroken! I did truly love him. I told him I was angry and then blocked him on Skype. I was simply heartbroken and hurt. I couldn’t handle it. I almost did kill myself that day.

Q; So, why didn’t you kill yourself that day? Were you scared? Did you have a plan that day?
A; I didn’t kill myself that day because I just manned up and handled it. I told myself he was just another man who used me and that there were many others waiting that would care for me. I was scared. I was terrified! I was in the middle of a big city I didn’t know and I was also starving that day. You bet I was terrified! No, I didn’t have a plan.

Q; What did you do? How did you find your way?
A; I went to the homeless shelter and talked to the people there. They gave me direction on where to go to get food, shelter, and any other necessities. I took their suggestions and discovered the town, got my ID, and was doing very well.

Q; So, how did you get out of the homeless shelter and into a house?
A; I met Mr. Corsair Switzerlord one night during chapel at the homeless shelter and we got to talking. Mr. Switzerlord offered for me to stay the night at his house. I took up his offer because I was tired of the homeless shelter and didn’t like it at all. I stayed overnight and then Mr. Switzerlord told me I could stay every night. I accepted his offer and have been staying ever since then.

Q; Why did you not like the homeless shelter
A; The men were smelly and the shelter was really crappy. Sometimes i couldn’t eat because of the smelly conditions. I just couldn’t live with it.

Q; What shelter was this?
A; Mel Trotters Ministries.

Q; What happened after you moved in with Mr. Switzerlord?
A; I did more exploring of the town of Grand Rapids. I had no clue that Grand Rapids was so huge! I live in Kent County. To this day, I still haven’t explored the whole town of Kent County! Hehe. I also started attending Fountain Street church on Sundays and met my friend, Karleem Johnson here.

Q; Who’s this friend of yours, Karleem Johnson?
A; Well, he’s actually my best friend. We met at church one sunday and connected real fast because he was bisexual and didn’t give a crap if I talked about guys. He’s 19 and an african american. He’s been real nice to me and has helped me as much as he can, but he is homeless himself. We’ve had our bad moments, but I think we’ll be friends forever.

Q; Did you move on and get another boyfriend?
A; *Laughs* Yes. I also resumed doing casual encounters. I was a whore and also got a sugar daddy to pay for me to get things. Then I met Mark Mickle. I kind of was a whore when I was with Mark too.

Q; Mark Mickle? What about him? Did you fall in love?
A; *Laughs* Yeah, He was a 45-year-old man who I met through Craigslist and he was supposed to be another casual encounter, but it turned out to be something more and I started falling in love with him. he fell in love with me and  we were together for about 5 weeks.

Q; What happened that broke you two up?
A; I was a whore and slept with three men. He found out and got upset and then we broke up. It was totally my fault. Plus, he was way too thick for me and we always got into a fight when we had sex because he wanted to penetrate me, but I wouldn’t let him because he was way too thick and it hurt.

Q; What did you do after you guys broke up?
A; I actually just found out I had contracted gonorrhea and remained abstinent and still am remaining abstinent.

Q; Gonorrhea? Who do you think gave it to you?
A; Yeah, I contracted gonorrhea and the doctor told me it was curable.I went in for treatment for it 2 days ago and have to remain abstinent for 1 week and I will be cured. I really don’t know who I contracted it from, but I have my suspicions.

Q; So, are you doing better now and do you feel your future will be better? Do you think you will have a new boyfriend soon?
A; Yes, I am doing very well now. I did lose 15 pounds due to the flu I had 2 weeks ago. I had to go to the emergency room for it, but now I am healthy and happy. I have food stamps and am succeeding very well. I am looking for a job and hopefully will get one. My future and getting a new boyfriend? Well, I believe my future will be wonderful as long as I stay on the right track. As far as getting into another relationship goes, I think I am gonna take a break for a while and focus on myself now.

Q; Has your family talked to you ever since you moved to Michigan?
A; My dad texted me on my cellphone and he told me I still was not welcomed home. I called my mom’s cellphone, but she hung up once I said “Hey mom”. I don’t think my family is ever going to talk to me again, but who cares anyway. I’m not going to stress out about it anymore and I’m just going to let time do its thing.

Q; Have you ever thought about going back to Pennsylvania. Do you think you are going to stay in Grand Rapids?
A; *Laughs* Hells yes! There has been many times I thought about moving back, but I reminded myself I couldn’t because I didn’t have the money and that I needed to really focus on making my own life here in Grand Rapids. I’ll probably be staying in Grand Rapids for a long time or until I get back into school. Hopefully I can attend Job Corps soon in Flint, Michigan. Thankyou.

Thanks guys for reading!! And remember to comment your thoughts or questions!!! God Bless! Love Jonathan.

Jonathan Fisher

Mark and I

This is a picture of Mark and I



Thursday 4-25-2013

Blank page. So many words I can write. What to write? Hmm, I really don’t know. Oh yeah! I need to talk about my day today. Thursday. Oh boy! It was a  long day. Yes, a very very long day! I woke up AT 1130AM with a slight headache and a sore throat. Typical. No, but for real though, I actually went on a long evening stroll last night and I was screaming and hollering the whole time because I was releasing all my pent up energy in a constructive way. I’m not so sure that this was the best way to do this, but I was literally exhausted when I arrived home. So, it did work.

Anyway, I am getting a little off topic here. Typical. I’m always getting off topic when I write. It’s atrocious! Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, we were talking about when I woke up this morning with a sore throat and slight headache. Duh! As I was saying, I woke up this morning with a slight headache and sore throat and I didn’t want to get up, but I had things to do. I needed to check my Facebook (yes, I am a social media networking addict. I can’t live a day without checking it. My friends sometimes get mad at me because I post too many items on my wall during the day. What can I say!? I love Facebook! If it really matters, I also have twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and tumblr. Yes, I am social networking freak. Ha ha!

Anyway, I then proceeded to talk to my friend and then took a shower. I don’t particularly like taking showers at the house I stay at because it’s not my house and the man who rents it out technically shouldn’t be letting me stay because he could get into some real trouble. I stay anyway. It’s the man’s responsibility to take care of himself and keep out of trouble. Although, I do think he needs help in a lot of areas. He needs mentally and keeping his house in order. He does talk about a lot of weird things and like it creeps me out. He said he molested a little girl and that he’s been arrested many times. I am just really creeped out by him. His name is really Robert Mcvoy, but he goes by the name of “Corsair Switzerlord”.  He’s an insane man, but I need a place to stay, so I just deal with it.

So anyway, I took a shower, ate breakfast (Combos and Strawberry Kiwi juice), and then went to Grand Rapids Community College Library. I go here everyday to do my social media networking and to check my emails (I have 5 different email accounts). Today, I just relaxed a couple of hours on Facebook and then went and ran my errands around town. Today for my errands, I ran all around downtown Grand Rapids trying to sell my two old laptops. Needless to say, I didn’t sell them and I chucked one into the dumpster. Someone will probably just grab it out of the trash and try to to sell it themselves. I really don’t care.

Anyway after running those errands, I went back to the library. At the library, before using the computer again, I called and talked to my best friend David on the phone. David is one of my best friends from State College. He’s a single 28 year old African American who I found really attractive and handsome. He’s one of my best friends that I’d let penetrate me if he wanted to. I was and still am attracted to him. Anyway, while we talked I brought him up to date with what was going on in my life  and told him my plans for the future. I also told him about my desire to attend Job Corps and we both agreed that Job Corps was a good option for me right now.

After talking to him for 30 minutes, I went back into the library and resumed using the computer. I had a nice day in the social networking world today. There were a lot of good posts and comments made in the news feed. I made a few new gay male friends and talked to a couple of old friends of mine. I also found a very nice laptop to buy, in which I am buying tomorrow (Friday). Well, my sugar daddy is going to buy it for me.  I am really excited about this! The laptop is a Dell and the seller is selling it for $80 but I offered $100 because it plainly is worth more than that.

You know, I was having a great day before my best friend, Karleem, went and called me a hoe on Facebook. I was freaking mad and retaliated by calling him a bitch. We then quickly got into an escalated fight on Facebook on why we were both hoes. We both have the same STD (which is Gonorrhea). No worries, though because Gonorrhea is curable and I go in for treatment tomorrow at 1:45pm and after 1 week I will be cured. Or so I am told. So, no worries there.

Anyway, my friend and I had an endless fight on Facebook. It was a stupid and it was really pissing me off. I almost felt like physically beating my friend over it, but I calmed myself down. I almost did block him on Facebook altogether. I really don’t need people making my private business public online. If I want to announce it online, then I will do it myself. I don’t need others doing it for me. I was really pissed off. My friend was so lucky I called him a bitch. I could’ve called him worse names than that, but I simply calmed myself down and ignored him for awhile.

I think my friend and I are growing apart. I mean, like, I could save the relationship, but lately I haven’t had the motivation to. Especially since his girlfriend seems to be playing games with me. One moment it seems she likes me, but then she tells my friend she hates me. We all know I do not like games. I am thinking about moving to another state anyway because I am getting tired of this drama and games going on in my life. I really don’t know what I’m going to do anymore.

To be honest, I really don’t know what I’m going to to do these days. I mean, I know I am a whore, but now I am on the right track to change that since I contracted Gonorrhea. It seems like I am stuck in Grand Rapids, Michigan forever. I can’t go back to Pennsylvania because I do not have the money to pay for it and so I am screwed. I really don’t know what to do. I am so confused as to why I am here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I want to go to Job Corps, but they seem to be playing games with me themselves. Ugh. Just ugh. I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s not easy being a single gay homeless male in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These are just the days when I am under trial. I must remain strong and keep my faith!

Anyway, I am now home from the library typing this up and I am out of topics to talk about. I really need to go to bed because it’s 230am in the morning. I need to get some rest because tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Goodnight y’all and God bless. Love Jonathan. =)

-Jonathan S Fisher-


Give it some time

Hey readers,

Been real busy lately. I am lucky to be typing this post, but please give me some time to post another post. I already have two drafts written for two different posts.  It’s just gonna take some time. Please be patient with me. Thanks y’all =)


-Jonathan Fisher

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New Life in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Hello Readers,

It’s been a long time since I last wrote legit things about what’s going on in my life. That’s because I never did have access to a computer. Now I do! And possibly now I will be getting a new laptop soon. Plus an Iphone! So, I i will be covered, but it is not certain yet.

Anyways, Last time I left you guys with me being homeless, poor, and depressed out on the streets in State College, PA. Well, things have changed a lot, but I will pick up there. That was like months ago.A lot has happened. So here it goes.

Okay, so i told you guys about Gene, My second ex. Well, after him I took a break and went back to doing casual encounters. Boy, were those some casual encounters I had in then. I met Ryan, a very lovely strong masculine guy. He was in the army and loved sports. He was so masculine and I fell in love with him, but he just wanted casual and that was all. Boy, he was a man I would’ve married if he wanted it! Then there was Doug. Doug, oh Doug! He was a man I shall never 4get! He was masculine and 49 years of age and very sexy. TBH, he looked like he was 30 on his outside appearance. I fell in love with him and he with me, but because of the age difference, he said things weren’t gonna work out. I was upset bout that, but I moved on.

Next victim: Dewey. This man was amazing! We never did have sex sex. We just jerked off and kissed and he introduced me to the new TV Series “The New Normal”. I think he was looking for friends only. I didn’t fall in love, but I did have feelings for him. He wasn’t just another encounter. He became a memory. Next. There were so many! Yes, i was a slut. Some of them I can’t even remember. Oh yeah, there was also Dorian. We didn’t have sex because he was a freak for std and stis. He kept lecturing me on how dangerous some std was dangerous. I was like, “I don’t care. I’m gonna be fine!”. Lawd, I don’t know why i even saw this guy three times. He was poor and like weird. He was very discreet too. He told me not to mention his name, but i don’t really care anymore. If you are on my casual encounter list, i will mention your name.

Next I got back to seeing Phillip again. He fucked me several times and I was really falling in love with him. He just wanted it to be casual too, which sucked! Then there was all the other strange guys who really didn’t matter  to me. Just a casual encounter. Then there were also the times I just hopped into a car with these guys and they just told me they weren’t interested anymore. I had no problem just leaving. It was more like a muse for me. Oh, and there was also the orgy I had! How many? 10 men to be exact! I sucked, fucked, and rimmed like 5 of them and then in the morning I was told one of them had herpes!!! I freaked! I got tested two weeks later and was negative. I was lucky to have been negative! Thank Jesus!

So, anyway I stayed at state college, went to the winter jam spectactular concert and then I decided to move to Grand Rapids Michigan. That is where I am now.