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My Gay Erotic Stories: Jonny Boi

I sat there waiting for him to show up. I knew I was taking a risk of being raped or worse yet being killed but I didn’t really care. All I wanted was to have sex and please my sexual desire. I was so horny! I couldn’t stop thinking of it and my dick wouldn’t give me a break either. So I went online to and created a personal profile.I was scared at first because I had never done online hookups before. In fact, I’ve tried to avoid it because I had heard too many stories. I heard about how this girl went on a dating website called and got raped the next day. Then one of my gay best friends also got raped a few weeks ago and was traumatized by it. So many thoughts crowded in my head and I didn’t know what to do.


So with putting all those stories aside I made an online account and took the risk. After all, You Only Live Once!I instantly got a match notification after filling in my details: 20, 5’10”, 165lbs, muscular 7.5cut, latino, and smooth. I checked it out. The man seemed nice. He had a handsome pic and totally seemed like my type with brown hair and blue eyes and 8 inches cut. A decent average body with big biceps. He didn’t specify his age but did say his name was Tony. He just seemed perfect with sexual likes of giving head, being versatile, and rimming. It all seemed so perfect and he was only 10 miles down the road from me! So with everything I risked it and invited him over to my house and the invitation was accepted.


The fifteen minutes it took for Tony to show up seemed so long and I was dying inside of worry and second thoughts. What if I made a bad decision? What if this man intended to secretly rape me? What if this guy was a psycho? So many what ifs but I just told himself everything was gonna be ok. So Tony showed up and he looked exactly what his pictures showed in the profile. Actually to be honest: he seemed hotter than his pictures. And the bulge in his pants clearly showed he was hung. I fell for him instantly and felt comfortable. His smile seemed  to make me feel was so bright and seemed to light up the room and his pose was so masculine. I couldn’t resist it. So with that I brought him to my bedroom. A small quaint bedroom with a queen size bed. He sat down on my bed and stared right into my eyes as I took my shoes off. i wasn’t sure what to bring up next or if I should’ve gotten straight to the point so I decided to have a little pep talk. That’s when I asked him his age. He looked at me with the most beautiful smile ever and said that he didn’t feel like it mattered but that he was 42. Wow! He looked only to be 28! I was shocked I had a very attractive older man in my bedroom! I admitted I thought he was younger and he just laughed and said I was crazy. We then discussed our life and our interests. He seemed to be more interesting every moment. I couldn’t resist him.


So with that, I went over to him and started to unbutton his purple shirt. I raised my small nimble hands to the buttons trembling and shaking from nervousness because touching him was getting me hard. He knew it and was patiently waiting for me to get to the last button. One button…two buttons….three buttons. By the time I got to the fourth I was completely hard and turned on immensely because he had the most masculine hairy chest you could ever wish for! I just couldn’t resist it and went down on him sucking his nipples. I sucked them and licked his torso all over and proceeded to get all his clothes off him.  He was so hot and he was definitely enjoying it!By this time he had rolled me over and ripped my clothes off. He did it so fast and so fierce just like any fantasy would want and I was just mesmerized by him. He lay there in his beautiful naked body all white and hairy just waiting for me to make the next move.  We made out and sucked each other’s cocks. His cock was so big and beautiful and I loved sucking on it. I wanted it my ass so bad. So with that I slipped a condom on it and was riding it like no tomorrow. He was enjoying every moment of it and I loved the feeling of it pumping in my ass. He then rolled me over on my back and started fucking me missionary style. I was enjoying every moment of it and I passionately was falling for him. I moaned so fiercely and begged him to go deeper and faster. He fucked so well and it was like heaven.He busted his load inside me and it felt hot because I could feel it.


He pulled out and I then fiercely rolled him over and started rimming him and eating his ass out. He was so delicious and it was so hot hearing him moan so loud. He was asking me to fuck him and kept pushing his ass deeper into my face. So I slipped a condom on and fucked him. It was so hot! I fucked him like I loved him and like he was mine.pushed harder and was enjoying it like ecstasy! He begged me to go deeper and  I fucked him good and busted my nut in his ass. It was hot as we both lay there just relaxing and sweating and thinking about what happened. We had the best passionate sex ever in my life and I couldn’t believe it!


So with that we cuddled and made out a little more. His kisses were so sweet and soft and they felt beautiful!  I passionately kissed him knowing that this could be the last time I saw him. I wanted to let him know I was interested in doing this again but I knew he wasn’t probably looking for this. I cried and he rolled me over and wrapped me in his arms and asked me what was wrong. I told him I wanted to do this with him again and better yet I wanted him as a boyfriend. He looked me in the eye and passionately but gently said he was single and that he enjoyed it too.


He then got up and dressed himself. I put rolled over and watch his sweet ass slip into his pants and just cried. I was gonna miss out on him if he didn’t want to get with me again. He looked at me with passionate eyes and reached into his pants and pulled out a piece of paper.He gave it to me, sat me up, and dried my tears away. I unwrapped it and it had a phone number with an email. He looked at me and told me he wanted to do it again and to call him. with that he got up and left the house and I planned on calling him the next day. I am definitely looking forward to next time! I hope he is serious and is looking for something serious.

-Jonny Boi

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The Letter I wrote to My mom and Dad 2 weeks ago

So, two weeks ago I sent this email out to my parents. I never got a reply. I just resent it hoping they will reply. I don’t expect it but it’s worth a try! I kept it G-Rated…haha.

“Hi Mom and Dad,

It’s Jonathan =) Just thought I would write to y’all and let y’all know what’s been up with me lately. Well, as you guys know I got into college and I am about finished up with the semester!! I have averaged a B in my grades (which is above average) and I am looking forward to moving on to the next semester! This semester was really good for me, as I did take three classes this semester with 7 credits (Math 097: Basic Algebra and mathematics, MUS 189: College Choir, and CLS 100 Introduction to college studies). My next semester is planned in five classes: MUS 120: Introduction to Piano, MUS 112: Basic Music Theory, MUS 189: College Choir, MUS 151: Applied Non Music Major (These are the vocal lessons), and lastly MUS 103: Applied Performance Class (This is the class I Have at the end of the month when I appear to the jury for them to judge whether I move up to the next level in music lessons).
So that is the plan for my next semester. I am very excited and thrilled I will be learning music and piano. I took pre-requisites this ending semester (fall 2013) and did very well as mentioned before (I received a B either way because tomorrow I take the final in Math 097 and I am quite confident I can pass it). Choir has been fun and Is graded on attendance. I never miss choir because it is so fun and I’ve grown to master my vocal range somewhat (I am a First Tenor in training). We had our first concert October 13 and performed Les Miserables and Bridge Over Troubled Water. It was fun!!! I was nervous because it was my first concert performing but I performed quite well and am looking forward to our next concert which is December 9th!
So yeah, I also have a part time job with workstudy working with the music department. 15 hours a week and it isn’t a hard job at all! I also am anticipating on recording a Christmas album soon (not professional, but a demo) and I also am trying to plan on going to America’s Got Talent Summer 2014 (as I have the option to take the summer off). I am working on developing this talent and totally am pursuing my dream to become a popstar!
But I am not perfect and I’m not trying to paint a perfect picture. By all means, I still face problems. For one, I recently had to admit I’m an alcoholic because I was drinking like crazy. I also got into debt by $400 but I quickly repaid it back (I won’t say how, but let’s just say I stopped doing that because Jesus spoke to me). I’ve been raped. I’ve been accused of many things too. I struggle too. All my money I make now goes for a place to stay and my phone bill. I struggle hard because I don’t have parents to support me (*but that’s ok tho*). Amazingly through all my stress and hurt and pain, I still pass in school and get good grades. That’s because I’ve set my priorities straight and I DEEPLY care about my future.
Yes, I believe in Jesus and God and I attend church regularly on sundays. I also am part of the young adult/college life ministry and the pastor has connected with me. It’s good living here in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Attending Grand Rapids Community College. I will be earning my Associates Degree in Music.
Mom, if u read this I just wanted to let you know that what you taught me about cleaning and cooking is being used quite well and I am very clean and still cook a lot ❤ . When people ask me how I know how to do so many good things I was always tell them to thank my mom. Haha. I love u and I still care. I wanna see u but whatever. soon enough I guess.
Well Thanksgiving is a week away and I hope y’all enjoy it! I will miss everyone and be thinking of u guys but it is what it is. I’ve forgiven y’all and I pray everyday that Jesus will change your hearts and let me back in. It hurts and I cry so many times and I’ve been suicidal before about it but I have learned to let go (altho family movies and some memories triggered do get me depressed sometimes and I cry a lot,). I wrote a song about the pain and that helps too. I don’t hate y’all. I don’t dislike y’all. I know I am still gay.
Infact, I am still looking for the right man to marry. I’ve been through a lot of breakups and stuff but I still look for the right man that would wanna marry me and adopt kids and make a family. A man that will accept me for who I am. It’s hard tho because all the men in Grand Rapids are whores but I still try. It’s all about patience tho.
well, I need to go and do some things. Hope you read this mom. And dad. Reply back please?
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays ❤
Jonathan Stephen Fisher
I hope they reply soon!