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Birthday and Life goes on :0


Hey All,

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve written. Sorry. I used to write weekly but lately my life has been so busy with looking for a job and then some days I don’t get out of bed because I am too tired and depressed and I lie there sleeping or talking to friends on my phone. Or sometimes I get so caught up in doing “other” things that I am exhausted and ready to go to bed. So yeah.

But not much has changed. I am still in Covenant House California’s ROP Program and doing very well in it. The staff love me because I am one of the people who cooperate and do well with the program. As far as my personal life, well just recently I broke up with that Paul guy. He just wouldn’t reciprocate. So I went over to his house and told him straight up that I couldn’t do this any longer and broke up with him. Then yeah, I’ll admit I visited the Melrose and Midtowne Spa a few times, and met a couple of nice guys. The one, Ruben Hernandez was alright. The thing I liked about him was his eyes! They were green and in the dark they would change to brown. He was Latino and about 32. Very nice guy. I met him at Midtowne Spa and yeah, we had sex. It was good sex because he did me very well and yeah I liked it. I gave him my number but he never did text me. He did however, add me on Facebook two weeks later and I was like oh ok but we never met a second time to this day because supposedly he lives outside of Los Angeles.

But yeah, I did meet another guy who turned out to be my boyfriend, but let me get to that a little later. I did undergo a photoshoot with a man by the name of Christopher Anthony! His photography’s business name is First Blast Photography and he did a few free shots with me!! I had to wait two weeks to get the results and am still waiting for the edits, but it was fun! We went to a park in Culver City and shot there. I was in my “cowgirl” outfit (Black boots, skinny jeans, black button up shirt, and black socks). It was fun and I did my best to look my best. With the photos I am going to share, they are still in the editing process 🙂

Anyways, after the photoshoot, I went down a spiral of depression. It was a week before my birthday and I kept dreaming about my foster family. I kept dreaming they were welcoming me back with open arms. It happens every year around my birthday and this year it was the most impacting because it was my big 20! I couldn’t help but think that this was it: I am approaching my full adult life and saying goodbye to being a teenager and my parents couldn’t be present to celebrate with me! I lay in bed for 4 days straight not moving at all just lying there crying. Sadly, no one cared. Covenant House just though I was sick and didn’t bother to ask.

Well, after about 5 days of moping, crying, and sleeping intensely I finally found something to look forward to: I had decided that I was going to make a goal of raising $2,000 and move to Pottsville Pennsylvania to be near my family. I thought hey if they don’t want me to be in their life then it could be a win win situation and I could at least be close to them. This got me super motivated to get out of bed and move. I had something to look forward to and I had to get a job to get that goal accomplished. I threw it in people’s faces and told them i was gonna leave the dreadful California for a better life in Pennsylvania.

So then my birthday came. July 30. It was an ok day. I got a huge cake from Covenant House and I also got a bunch of Birthday wishes. It was just another day for me really because no one really gave me gifts or presents and I had not received any birthday letters. I did cry for about 10 minutes towards the end of the day because I missed my family and wished my family could’ve been with me for my big 20 but it was it was. I promised myself that my 21st birthday would be rocking fun by either getting drunk at a bar or going on a vacation.

So yeah, my birthday is past and I am now 20. No longer a teenager. It’s funny because I felt like an adult when I turned 19. It feels no different to be 20. I am still Jonathan S Fisher and still struggling to find a job in Hollywood, California. I am still trying to use my talent of singing and dancing to impress people and be an entertainer. I hope that this year goes well. I hope something good comes out of my 20th year and that I find the love of my life. I pray to God I find a job and can make a life for myself this year and that no matter what I will always have friends.  I am going to make this year a beautiful one and successful.

Well anyways, not much has happened since then. I am seeing a guy by the name of “Octavio Rojas”. He’s 42 and mexican. We met at Midtowne Spa. Yeah, he’s chubby. He’s actually a mexican chubby bear. Yes, we’ve had sex already (Lol) and it was hot! He sure does have a thing for my ass tho (lol), but I have a thing for his hairy belly honestly. The funny thing about the two of us is that He doesn’t speak english very well and I have to communicate with him through sending texts.  I like him though. Him and I are supposed to go on a date soon so I am looking forward to that since I haven’t had a real date in like months! I hope Octavio is the one. The only problem I am facing right now is telling him I plan on moving to Pennsylvania in 5 months or so. Maybe it could change for him. It depends on how much we connect and so far it’s going well.

So anyways, besides looking for work extensively and seeing Octavio nothing has been going on. I really hope I get this job and make that $5 Grand. I’ll be happy.  I am going to go to bed now because I am getting tired. Hope you all have a great night and thanks for reading!!

-Jonathan S Fisher

PHOTO SHOOT PHOTOS: Done by Christopher Anthony from First Blast Photography:

2014-08-05 06.29.02 2014-08-05 06.29.15 2014-08-05 06.29.44 2014-08-05 15.54.43 JonathanLAMODEL_0037.jpg6 JonathanLAMODEL_082edited JonathanLAMODEL_133edit67 JonathanLAMODEL_0195edit98 JonathanLAMODEL_0214edit2 JonathanLAMODEL_0262edit8



Thanks again Christopher Anthony from First Blast Photography for taking time to shoot those photos!! It is greatly appreciated!!



Picture Of My Family


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  1. Dear Jonathan, your blog is such am inspiration and always a pleasure to read. I wish you every success and hope and pray that the future brings you joy and happiness. Your honesty brings you respect. With love and very best wishes, Graham xxx

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