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We all have our own stories. Stories of hope. Stories of love. Stories of past memories. Maybe perhaps stories of tragedy and loss. Well, this is my story of my life. I feel a need to share with you. I don’t know why. You might think I am crazy and that’s ok! I feel like I am crazy myself sometimes (laughing). You may feel I am a depressed sad person. If I put that impression on you, please be aware I do get happy! So no worries…if you feel like it’s too depressing please let me know and i will do some ramifications. Whatever you think, I need to share.

I feel a need to share because I hope it changes your life or makes you think of different things. I hope my experiences will inspire you to be brave, beautiful, strong, independent and free. I hope my story will do more than just be a story. This is also a blog to let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I also hope that my blog does show you the difference God makes in my life everyday!

So with that point being made do feel free to comment and follow! Hope you enjoy my story and find more than just a story! Enjoy!! AND also feel free to comment and share!! Thanks!

P.S.  This page will always pull up all the time. To get started reading just click on the recent posts button. Or if using mobile hit menu and select posts. Thanks!
-Jonathan S Fisher-






Comments on: "Welcome to Jonathan S Fisher’s Crazy Life Blog!" (5)

  1. Very funny and creative! I rockk at writing!

    • Eric O'brien said:

      Very interesting sounding guy you are. I came across your blog completely by accident, but have been reading it for hours. I am very familiar with Calvary Church and have happened to have met your youth pastor before. Nice guy. My name is Eric, and I am in my 40’s. Quit doing the gay bar scene many years ago…….been there, done that……….expensive………many fake people. So maybe we can chit-chat sometime. From some of your posts, it sounds like you had a few issues growing up, and I guess you reminded me of myself. Anyhooo………just thought I would say hello.

  2. Ana Cumani said:

    post more journals!!!!

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