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Happy New Year 2014!!

Happy New Year 2014 My Readers!! XOXO!!

New Posts coming soon,  but I wanted to thank you for reading and for all your support this year!! Looking forward to this coming 2014!!


Jonathan 🙂


The Letter I wrote to My mom and Dad 2 weeks ago

So, two weeks ago I sent this email out to my parents. I never got a reply. I just resent it hoping they will reply. I don’t expect it but it’s worth a try! I kept it G-Rated…haha.

“Hi Mom and Dad,

It’s Jonathan =) Just thought I would write to y’all and let y’all know what’s been up with me lately. Well, as you guys know I got into college and I am about finished up with the semester!! I have averaged a B in my grades (which is above average) and I am looking forward to moving on to the next semester! This semester was really good for me, as I did take three classes this semester with 7 credits (Math 097: Basic Algebra and mathematics, MUS 189: College Choir, and CLS 100 Introduction to college studies). My next semester is planned in five classes: MUS 120: Introduction to Piano, MUS 112: Basic Music Theory, MUS 189: College Choir, MUS 151: Applied Non Music Major (These are the vocal lessons), and lastly MUS 103: Applied Performance Class (This is the class I Have at the end of the month when I appear to the jury for them to judge whether I move up to the next level in music lessons).
So that is the plan for my next semester. I am very excited and thrilled I will be learning music and piano. I took pre-requisites this ending semester (fall 2013) and did very well as mentioned before (I received a B either way because tomorrow I take the final in Math 097 and I am quite confident I can pass it). Choir has been fun and Is graded on attendance. I never miss choir because it is so fun and I’ve grown to master my vocal range somewhat (I am a First Tenor in training). We had our first concert October 13 and performed Les Miserables and Bridge Over Troubled Water. It was fun!!! I was nervous because it was my first concert performing but I performed quite well and am looking forward to our next concert which is December 9th!
So yeah, I also have a part time job with workstudy working with the music department. 15 hours a week and it isn’t a hard job at all! I also am anticipating on recording a Christmas album soon (not professional, but a demo) and I also am trying to plan on going to America’s Got Talent Summer 2014 (as I have the option to take the summer off). I am working on developing this talent and totally am pursuing my dream to become a popstar!
But I am not perfect and I’m not trying to paint a perfect picture. By all means, I still face problems. For one, I recently had to admit I’m an alcoholic because I was drinking like crazy. I also got into debt by $400 but I quickly repaid it back (I won’t say how, but let’s just say I stopped doing that because Jesus spoke to me). I’ve been raped. I’ve been accused of many things too. I struggle too. All my money I make now goes for a place to stay and my phone bill. I struggle hard because I don’t have parents to support me (*but that’s ok tho*). Amazingly through all my stress and hurt and pain, I still pass in school and get good grades. That’s because I’ve set my priorities straight and I DEEPLY care about my future.
Yes, I believe in Jesus and God and I attend church regularly on sundays. I also am part of the young adult/college life ministry and the pastor has connected with me. It’s good living here in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Attending Grand Rapids Community College. I will be earning my Associates Degree in Music.
Mom, if u read this I just wanted to let you know that what you taught me about cleaning and cooking is being used quite well and I am very clean and still cook a lot ❤ . When people ask me how I know how to do so many good things I was always tell them to thank my mom. Haha. I love u and I still care. I wanna see u but whatever. soon enough I guess.
Well Thanksgiving is a week away and I hope y’all enjoy it! I will miss everyone and be thinking of u guys but it is what it is. I’ve forgiven y’all and I pray everyday that Jesus will change your hearts and let me back in. It hurts and I cry so many times and I’ve been suicidal before about it but I have learned to let go (altho family movies and some memories triggered do get me depressed sometimes and I cry a lot,). I wrote a song about the pain and that helps too. I don’t hate y’all. I don’t dislike y’all. I know I am still gay.
Infact, I am still looking for the right man to marry. I’ve been through a lot of breakups and stuff but I still look for the right man that would wanna marry me and adopt kids and make a family. A man that will accept me for who I am. It’s hard tho because all the men in Grand Rapids are whores but I still try. It’s all about patience tho.
well, I need to go and do some things. Hope you read this mom. And dad. Reply back please?
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays ❤
Jonathan Stephen Fisher
I hope they reply soon!


It’s the weekend and I’m sitting here in the kitchen just staring at my computer racking my brain for things to do. Yesterday was fun for me because I slept all day and then went to a gamer’s convention at 3  pm. I only stayed there for an hour and then went home and cooked dinner. Dinner was orange chicken (I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’ve been eating a lot of Chinese food lately) and then I decided to go to bed again. I slept till about 1am and then I woke up and goofed around on my computer.

I was just Facebook my friends and checking my A4A (adam4adam)  to see if I was to get any hookups for the night (I wasn’t looking for a hookup per se. I was more like looking for a cuddle buddy to fall asleep in his arms). Needless to say, I got nothing that last night and went to bed feeling alone again. I mean, like there was this one guy by the name of Steve who was all into me and talking to me but sadly this morning when I woke up he told me he wasn’t a christian and so I said we weren’t gonna work out because I need a christian man who is gonna encourage me to grow in God and go to church with me.  I can’t marry a man who  is gonna drive me away from God and Jesus. This is one thing that I will only require of my man.

So yeah, I fell asleep alone. Lately, I’ve been feeling lonely. Wishing I hadn’t broke up with some of my exes because then they would be there for me when I have these spurts. I just need someone I can call my own and love and care for. A man who is gonna hold me in his arms ans reassure me that everything is gonna be ok. A masculine man who is dominant in the bed and very confident in himself. A man with a loving heart and a caring mind. A man who can handle me and love me for who I am rather than just sexual. I mean, I want my man to want me sexually but I don’t want that to be all of it. I want a heart to heart connection. I want that burning passion for each other to see each other succeed and pursue our dreams. A man who will love me for who I am and encourage me to grow not only in my religious views, but in my Career and mental stability.  A man who I can be there for and give him anything he wants and be his “bitch” (there are some exceptions to this term, but i think he will get it). A man who will love it when I cook, clean, and organize for him. A man who wants to adopt kids one day and make a family. A man who appreciates family and relationships. I want a manly man.

So there you have it. There is what I need in a man and what I look for (the whole total jest of it? probably). Will I ever find him? Will he find me? After-all, what is it a guy can find in me? I’m not gonna go over that list cause well, he can figure out if I’m right for him. Lately I’ve just been needing a cuddle buddy to cuddle up with. I wanna be romantic again. I wanna kiss my man when he gets home from work. I wanna cuddle up in bed with my man every night and hold him close to me and tell him I love him. I wanna hold hands with him while walking out in public. I wanna make him dinner and spoil him to death. I wanna do his laundry and make his bed and be his wife. I wanna love again. I wanna listen to him and talk to him. I wanna give him passionate hugs and kisses and be passionate in the bedroom. I want to go to church with him and pray with him. I wanna read the Word with him and talk about Jesus. I just want a man to love and I want to be romantic again.

So yeah, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately when I go to bed. I cry about it sometimes because I don’t know if I’ll ever find my other half. All these guys I’ve been seeing all just want me for one thing: sex. They see I’m attractive with a nice bubble butt and a nice package and they just wanna go down on me. Seriously, sex is really getting boring for me because I want more. I cry because it seems like no guys want real love. Well, I’m sorry. I’m not a sex toy. Ya know, it kinda pisses me off too. Like this morning when I told Steve that I didn’t think we were gonna work out he was like “Well, can we fuck at least”. I was just about to scream!! I just texted him and told him I’m not a sex toy. But seriously that disgusted me! Like I am not a sex toy and I am worth more than that! Seriously I should’ve seen that coming tho. Most men have interior motives like that. Gah!

So yeah, I did something nice today actually. I helped my room mate Norm put up the Christmas lights and decorations in his front yard. I was so happy when I did this because  it means Christmas is finally here and it’s time to put my christmas cheer on! I am excited! I even recorded a video this morning with me singing “Let It Snow”

Yeah. I just been In the Holiday Mood lately too. Listening to Christmas Music on Spotify and singing along with it. The other day I was at work just playing my music out loud and my boss was happy to hear it was Christmas music. She just looked at me and asked me to turn it up. So I did just that.  I love Christmastime! It brings me so much joy with all the Christmas caroling and beautiful young kids talking about Santa (no, I don’t believe in Santa, but it’s cute when kids talk about it). The beautiful gift wrappings are nice too. Christmas makes me happy! My favorite Christmas Carol is “Carol of The Bells”. I’ve heard many versions of it but I’ve got to say My Favorite of them all is the one done by “Celtic Woman”.

So anyways, I need to go, but I though I’d share what’s been on my mind. Happy Holidays!!

-Jonathan S Fisher